ADHD tutoring and coaching

A compassionate approach to teaching, focussed on the unique challenges of students with ADHD

The challenges associated with ADHD are not created by the individual with it, but societies lack of understanding

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People with ADHD are unique

Alex Pagett PhD - founder

As someone diagnosed with combined type ADHD I recognise the importance of educational environment on learning for those with ADHD.


Throughout my education I have regularly been described as "lazy", "a daydreamer", and "distracting".

Those with ADHD are not "lazy", or "not trying hard enough", they are often creative and can make logical connections quickly, however, lose confidence in conventional education.


Once I found the style in which I learned, I began to enjoy education and I taught myself Chemistry, which I took through to PhD level.

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We are understanding of students with ADHD and provide as much support as possible to those in need


Students learn at their own pace and we  guide as opposed to push


Learning is most successful (especially for those with ADHD) when there is a core understanding of the relevance of the subject. All our tutors are experts in their field and teach much more than the syllabus

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Tutoring a student with ADHD is a vastly different scenario than standard tutoring, and it is pretty common for parents and caretakers to feel hopeless about the situation. But this is precisely where ADHD Tutoring and Coaching come to the rescue, with our ADHD individual tutoring service in the UK. We understand the unique needs and care that needs to be given for tutoring ADHD students. In our tutoring services for ADHD students in the UK, we provide UK Tutor Specialising in ADHD that is specially trained for the task. So for your tutor for ADHD students in London requirement, reach out to us immediately.