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At ADHD Tutoring, we support students with their ADHD symptoms including executive functioning and time management. We take pride in developing teaching approaches in-house through rigourous iterative improvement. We offer specialised support for students studying any subject in the UK syllabus, including Maths, Physics, and English.

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"Not just tutors but excellent supporters who give confidence and self-belief."
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ADHD Coaching for Students

We draw on our personal experience to provide tips to those struggling with ADHD in education. We are experts in our subjects and passionate about what we teach. This means we can provide subject-specific support with excellent in-depth knowledge.

More than tutors, more than psychologists; we have first-hand ADHD experience and are ready to guide you to success!

We Develop Our Tutoring and Coaching Programme For Teenagers and Young Adults With Experts At:

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I really enjoyed the environment that was created over the sessions, which was one where I felt safe and could talk about anything that was on my mind. There was lots of support for me, and Alex helped with anything I was worried about and more. While also being able to talk about other interests, like video games, which made the meetings feel more personal and not so strict and scary.

Something big I gained from the sessions was a structure with revision and work. I had a check-in point every week or so, which meant I could reflect on the previous week and see what I could do next week. This structure really helped me stay on track. Also, the motivation to get some work done before a meeting was good.

I got lots of help with organising my time, which is something I wasn't so good at. Using my calendar more has been a big thing; it's a very good tool for organising anything and definitely helped with school and other events.

Meditation and mindfulness were something that I had never practised before, but after a while of doing it and lots of guidance from Alex, it turned into something that helped me with focusing and staying calm in certain situations. This also helped during my exams because I found it hard to stay focused throughout an exam.



I liked the fact things were explained clearly in ways that made it easy for me to understand. Additionally, it was a really relaxed environment; I was able to ask questions freely and pause when I was confused. If I thought something wouldn't be useful for me, I could voice that, and we would come up with solutions I felt would be effective. That made the sessions really valuable.

While doing my A-levels, Alex helped me plan my days in a way that made studying less overwhelming. The timetable we made together really helped me focus as he took into account break times that I needed/wanted, and my days felt far less intense. He also helped motivate me to work and generally gave me a far more positive outlook.


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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a brain-based condition that can cause people to have trouble paying attention, controlling impulsive behaviours, and being overly physically and/or mentally active. The disorder has long been viewed as a child’s condition that will be grown out of, but we now know that ADHD persists into adulthood, and adult-onset ADHD is now also a medically recognised condition.
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What Is ADHD Tutoring and Would It Help Me?

If you or your child are having difficulty with planning for revision, staying organised with homework, starting an essay, or deciding on a degree, job, or career, a specialised education coach or ADHD tutor may be beneficial.
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