What Is ADHD Tutoring and Would It Help Me?

October 20, 2023
What Is ADHD Tutoring and Would It Help Me?

If you or your child are having difficulty with planning for revision, staying organised with homework, starting an essay, or deciding on a degree, job, or career, a specialised education coach or ADHD tutor may be beneficial.

What is ADHD tutoring?

ADHD tutoring is the cross-over of ADHD coaching and subject tutoring. It helps students with ADHD learn and feel supported through education as well as build important skills and build towards a rewarding career, job or degree, whether conventional or not. It also supports students in developing the tools they need to manage their emotions and behaviours. ADHD tutoring can help students succeed in school and improve their overall quality of life.

ADHD tutoring supports students with their daily activities such as organising their homework; medium-term goals like finding rewarding hobbies; and long-term plans such as considering non-conventional jobs that fit their personality the best.

We understand that completing daily tasks can be difficult for those with ADHD, so we have developed strategies to help make the process easier. We support students over their entire educational journey, from early school days to university studies and beyond. Our goal is to help students with ADHD find strategies that work for them so they can reach their full potential in education and life.

Immediate support

Our services include helping students organise their calendars, plan homework and revision timetables, effectively structure their essays, and provide resources which aid them in managing their ADHD effectively at school or university. We strive to create a supportive environment so that students can feel confident in achieving their goals.

Medium-term help

We assist students in finding activities that can provide a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment. We help students understand the importance of developing skills that will increase their self-confidence as well as build on their strengths and motivations. Additionally, we guide them towards resources available at school or university to further support them with managing ADHD symptoms.

Long-term outlook

We encourage students to identify career paths which allow for autonomy and creativity and use our understanding of ADHD traits to explore potential pathways or platforms outside traditional education systems. This could include taking online courses, freelancing, becoming an entrepreneur or other creative outlets like writing books, producing music, etc.

At ADHDtutoring.co.uk, our team has a wealth of tutoring and coaching experience, along with being highly knowledgeable in ADHD education. Feel free to schedule a call or send us an email if you have any questions or would like some support.

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