Alex Pagett PhD

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Alex Pagett PhD

Physical Organic Chemistry PhD

Over 10 years of experience in 1:1 tutoring, specifically in Science and Maths at a wide variety of levels, from pre-GCSE level to university, including adult learners and those with learning dificulties. 

Experience in teaching for multiple exam boards, with students applying to universities in the UK, US, and elsewhere.

Any questions, feel free to call, email or send a message.


  • PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry from The University of Edinburgh

  • First class masters degree in Chemistry from The University of York

Unique Teaching Style

I believe in teaching intuitive, background information that provides a good base for other knowledge. After the base  has been established, more specific information is added on top. I have been praised for my method, along with my extensive background knowledge.

Lessons are tailored to the learning style of each individual student. I aim to provide information in an engaging manner to help improve knowledge retention.

More than happy to offer in-person, Skype, Zoom, Teams, or phone tutoring as well as help via email.

Interested in becoming an ADHD tutor?

Enthusiastic educators are always welcome. If you have ADHD or not, we will provide training and compassionate support in progressing you in becoming an expert tutor.

ADHD Tutoring and Coaching is founded with a simple aim, to help parents and caregivers with the assistance they require to tutor their charge. Special attention needs to be given in the case of students with ADHD, and standard tutoring is not equipped to handle that. And that is precisely the purpose of ADHD Tutoring and Coaching’s individual tutoring for ADHD students in the UK. We provide home learning tutors for ADHD student. Our special education tutor in London would be exceptionally well versed in the job and exclusively trained to provide quality education to the student.

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