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Compassionate ADHD Tutoring and Coaching For Students Built on Personal Understanding

Alex Pagett PhD - Founder

Alex - Tutor

I’m an experienced tutor and coach, specialising in Science and Maths, with a PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry and a love for teaching. I have over 12 years of experience tutoring and coaching students at various levels, from pre-GCSE to university, including adult learners and those with severe learning difficulties.

I was diagnosed with combined-type ADHD and autism as an adult and had extensive experience with autism and dyslexia. Growing up, I was often labelled “lazy” and “a daydreamer” in the classroom. However, once I identified a learning style that worked for me, I enjoyed education again. This led me to discover a passion for Chemistry, eventually completing my PhD in Physical Organic Chemistry.

I understand the educational environment’s impact on learning, particularly for those with ADHD. As someone who has experienced this first-hand, it’s important to me that I create a supportive environment where students can feel comfortable and confident enough to learn without judgement or stigma.

We Often See Students With ADHD Struggle With:

Low Confidence and Anxiety

Often, our students find that they panic during exams or under other forms of pressure. This comes from a combination of:

  • Fear or failure

  • Perfectionism

  • Lack of preperation

Lack of Focus

The struggle to focus in class or at home is commonly quite debilitating. We work on techniques to help with:

  • Fatigue

  • Cognitive challenges

  • Poor sleep

Poor Time Management

Poor time management is standard among many students. However, ADHD exacerbates the issues associated with:

  • Distractions

  • Phone addiction

  • Being overwhelmed

Using our personal experiences, we've developed and continuously improved techniques that help tutor and coach students with ADHD.

Our Mission

At ADHD Tutoring, we aim for nothing less than an outstanding learning journey for our students, all within a compassionate, friendly, and understanding environment tailored to their needs.

Our purpose is to serve as a stepping stone for our learners in their education, offering resources and encouragement to reach their potential. Recognising that every student is an individual, regardless of diagnosis, we create a safe and nurturing environment where they can freely seek clarification, assistance, or feedback, free of judgement or criticism.

As educational professionals, we are highly skilled and familiar with the unique hurdles students with special needs encounter. We've created and continuously refined a suite of methods that have successfully reduced stress and improved student outcomes.

Our ultimate objective is our student's academic and personal growth. With personalised instruction, resources, and support, we equip our students with the skills they'll require for continual success, both academically and beyond.

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