Rachael E.

Rachael E.

I am a qualified teacher, with over 15 years of experience teaching and tutoring A-level Psychology. I work as an examiner for A-level Psychology and have in-depth knowledge of what your examiner wants to see and how to apply your knowledge effectively in the exam. I also work for Ofqual as a subject matter specialist in Psychology, reviewing the curriculum and supporting Ofqual in developing A-level Psychology. As a psychology specialist with a particular interest in educational psychology, I can support students with barriers to learning and offer them advice and strategies to help develop their understanding of psychology. My mission is to create a passion for students for Psychology and a love for learning!

Ability Range
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Rachael has been absolutely fantastic to work with. She has taught me things that I could have never even dreamed of properly understanding by myself, while simultaneously keeping’s things clear and to the point, always showing me exactly where the marks are needed and helping mr remove less relevant information. Her experience as an AQA examiner shows as her knowledge of the mark scheme and exam technique are near unparalleled and working with her had been an insurmountable aid in strengthening my own working ability. Above all else, she just creates a really comfortable working environment and is always willing to take things slowly where I need to and is very aware of times when I may need to take breaks, making the information in her lessons very easy to digest as I don’t feel like I’m just being flooded with information (an experience I’ve often had with other teachers and tutors). I’ll be continuing to work with her for the rest of the academic year as I could not be happier with her support!

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