Emily W.

Emily W.

I have over 10 months of experience in tutoring Psychology, Sociology and Media Studies online coupled with an undergraduate degree inApplied Psychology and a master’s degree in Child and Adolescent Psychology. Ihave also enjoyed teaching English as a Foreign Language online for over 3years. In my spare time, I like to read, and keep fit and in particular, Ienjoy the simple, light-hearted fun of spending time with my nephew and nieces.I hope to see you in my class soon!

Ability Range
Media Studies
*If you are unable to attend a session, you will receive a session token that does not expire so you can reschedule it at any time.



Very good, she is very friendly.


Excellent, easy to talk to and work with and helps with anything.


As the father of the student, all I can say is that Emily was everything I hoped for and more. Her communication, pre lesson prep, post lesson feedback, expectation setting and passion for my son to do the best he possibly could motivated by genuine care, was faultless. I told Emily this after the lessons finished as I was so impressed, we had a few tutors and this was a completely different level. I offered to write a review anytime as there are so few people that truly deserve amazing feedback and to progress fast and far in their careers, so I really wanted to take the time to write this. My son felt exactly the same way. Emily, you are a star, Max exceeded our expectations in the subject and a lot of that was down to you. Thank you and I wish you every success in the future.


Emily, my tutor, has been an incredible support in guiding me through the complexities of A level psychology. Her approach involving, engaging discussions, testing, and focused exam preparation, has significantly bolstered my confidence in this challenging subject. Thanks to her guidance, I've acquired practical knowledge that I've been able to integrate into my lessons and exams, resulting in grades that I am proud of. The level of confidence I've attained since commencing tutoring sessions with Emily is amazing and has truly been a game-changer in my academic journey.


Even though I started relatively recently, Emily has been very helpful towards my psychology AQA A-level studies. She has helped me go through some of my topics which has allowed me to pick up on parts I struggled with. She then sets homework related to the session to make sure you understand everything, and marks it with feedback before the next lesson. She is also very friendly and allows you to speak up when you aren’t sure with something.


Ours was an extremely positive experience. We engaged with Emily towards the end of my child’s Alevel course. Emily assisted with revision but helped to demystify some aspects of the course content that had not been absorbed.Emily very quickly put my child at ease, was respectful of her concerns, building her confidence and reassuring her that no questions were silly.My only area for improvement was wishing we’d engaged with Emily sooner.


Emily has really helped me progress with my learning, she always listens to what I’d like to work on and ensures that I understand the topics fully. I’d definitely recommend Emily to someone looking for a tutor, she is lovely :)


Emily is a brilliant Psychology tutor at degree level. My daughter is a lot more confident after only a couple of sessions. She is really motivating.


I found Emily really approachable, she explains things clearly and is happy to answer questions that I may have. Our sessions have built my confidence with the subject and the upcoming exams.


Amazing shes sooo supportive and is soo reliable shes the best teacher i have.

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