Amy D.

Amy D.

I am an enthusiastic teacher with over 11 years' qualified teaching experience. Having a family member with ADHD gives me firsthand insight into daily challenges like maintaining attention and organisation, alongside social integration. Experience teaching students with additional needs such as ADHD, Autism, dyslexia and dyscalculia has fuelled my passion to make education accessible for all learners. I am committed to creating a supportive learning space where students can develop both holistically and academically, with a growth mindset.

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I love having Amy as my tutor! The classes are really fun. One of my favourites was when we got to play a nouns game using a song from my favourite movie, Aladdin. She also made me a special flower activity to help me with simplifying. When I feel a bit anxious because of what has happened in school, Amy does mindfulness activities to help me get in the right mood to learn. I like being able to share my screen and have learned a lot about technology on top of my schoolwork. Amy is a great teacher!


My daughter absolutely adores having Amy as her tutor! The lessons are always engaging and tailored to her interests, such as her dancing hobby or her love of bright colours. You can see how much Amy cares about her, as she took the time to get to know her at the beginning and always asks about her week, remembering details like her friend´s names. It makes my daughter feel special knowing that someone is not there just to teach her, but to help her develop as a whole. Amy is patient and always very positive, meaning my child isn´t afraid to make mistakes or ask for a further explanation. It's fantastic to see the increase in my daughter´s self-confidence! It has truly made learning more enjoyable for her.


Amy is a professional and passionate tutor who has really helped my child to grow in confidence and academically. I am so glad that we trusted her to help us on our 11+ journey. She puts our worries at ease and is always willing to answer our questions. Her dedication and commitment to the children´s success shines through in every session. My child looks forward to her classes every week!

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