How To Pick a Good ADHD Tutor

October 23, 2023
How To Pick a Good ADHD Tutor

Choosing the right ADHD tutor for your child can seem challenging. Still, with careful research and consideration, it can be a difficult task. The best tutors don't just focus on academic achievements but also aim to help children with ADHD develop organisational skills, study techniques, and a positive attitude towards learning. With this in mind, here are some key points to consider when choosing an ADHD tutor.

Understanding ADHD

Knowing the intricacies of ADHD prepares the tutor to properly support the student's learning process. For instance, children with ADHD are often associated with being impulsive or distracted. In a learning environment, it can mean a decreased attention span, the need for constant stimulus, or the inability to sit still during lessons. Understanding these behaviours can help a tutor adopt appropriate strategies, like teaching through analogies or taking breaks when appropriate. 

A vital part of understanding ADHD is acknowledging that it affects every child differently. Some struggle with maintaining focus, whereas others wrestle with organising tasks or following directions. No two ADHD sufferers are the same. Therefore, the tutor must be versatile and skilful to adjust their teaching methods based on each student's needs.

Specialised Training

A tutor with specialised ADHD training will have the right approach, techniques, and strategies to help your child flourish. Enquire about their education, training and experience in teaching or tutoring students with ADHD. 

At ADHD Tutoring, we have developed an internal training program that supports tutors and prepares them for potential issues when teaching someone with ADHD. This includes aspects of coaching and therapy and teaching in the most engaging method possible. 

Customised Approach

A customised teaching approach is crucial, particularly when tutoring a child with ADHD. Every child is unique, with their own strengths and weaknesses, dreams and fears. This certainly applies to children with ADHD, who have distinct abilities and unique ways of information processing owing to their condition. It can be easy to think that all students with ADHD act similarly, but this is not the case.

Consequently, a competent tutor must assess these individual traits and tailor their instruction accordingly. This degree of personalisation is often above and beyond what is traditionally required. Still, it is crucial for successfully teaching a child with ADHD. 

Patience and Empathy

An empathetic tutor can have a significant, positive impact on a child's learning. It's not just about understanding what the child is going through but demonstrating a genuine concern for their feelings and frustrations. This empathy can manifest in various ways - from delicate treatment and a kind, encouraging tone to providing personalised activities that cater to their specific needs and interests. 

A supportive learning environment is another fundamental aspect of tutoring a child with ADHD. The child must not feel belittled or disheartened if they struggle with a topic or concept. Instead, they should feel comfortable expressing their thoughts, asking questions, and making mistakes. This friendly atmosphere will encourage students to learn at their own pace and gradually find joy in the education process. 

Good Communicator

The tutor should communicate regularly with both parents and the child. They should provide regular updates on the child's progress and be open to discussing parents' concerns or suggestions. Collaborative planning and teamwork will ensure the child's success across homes and school settings.

In conclusion, choosing the right ADHD tutor for your child involves more than flipping through the yellow pages or going for the first name that pops up on a Google search. It requires careful consideration, patience, and observation. With the right tutor, a child with ADHD can flourish academically and grow their confidence in learning, thus creating a solid foundation for their future education.

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