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ADHD Eduation Coaching and Advising

Coaching on ADHD in education

Alex Pagett PhD

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Dr. Alex Pagett

Chemistry PhD and diagnosed with ADHD

Improving understanding of ADHD and how it affects education

Providing advice and support to start up educators globally.

Home Education Tutor for ADHD Student

People diagnosed with ADHD needs special care. But the main challenges faced by the individual are not due to their condition but the society's lack of understanding. ADHD Tutoring and Coaching aims to assist individuals in need of guidance. We provide Home Education tutor for ADHD student, but in addition, we also advise caretakers on how to educate their charge better. Our professional coaching for students in the UK, available at flexible hours, creates an environment where the ADHD student can not only learn but grow as well. 

North London Based

flexible Hours of operation 

Online or in-person


Chadston House,


N1 2AG